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Southern Safe Rooms made in Tulsa, OK exceed FEMA standards for storm shelters to withstand an EF5 tornado.

Our mission at Southern Safe Rooms is to provide quality well-built safe rooms that exceed FEMA standards and are certified to withstand an EF5 tornado. All of our storm shelters are fabricated in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the expertise of 110+ years of steel manufacturing at the most competitive prices on the market today.

Southern Safe Rooms can help you quickly seek shelter during the storm

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Why Southern Safe Rooms?

Southern Safe Rooms fabricates above ground reinforced steel certified storm shelters/safe rooms that are rated to withstand and EF5 tornado, which equals wind speeds of 250mph. Our safe rooms are designed to be installed in garages, workshops, or anywhere with a reinforced concrete slab. By installing a Southern Safe Room you can ensure peace of mind that when a tornado or Wind Storm hit your home, your whole family will have a place to seek shelter.  See more About Us and our 109 years of experience in the steel industry.

One thing that sets us apart from all the other shelter/safe rooms is that we don't weld the corners of our shelters/safe rooms. The welded corners of our competitors are weakest part of their shelters/safe rooms, while our molded corners are the strongest part of our shelter/safe room.


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Tested and FEMA 320/361 Certified

Our safe room design has been tested at Texas Tech University’s Wind Science & Engineering Research Center and these tests ensure our design meets impact guidelines of FEMA 320/361 & ICC500. These tests consist of a 15 lb. 2”x4” being shot at the safe room at 100 mph to test the safe room’s strength/integrity. This test relates to a 15 lb. missile being propelled by a 250mph tornado, an EF5.

See the video of our debris test during our certification process on Facebook.

We make it EASY to keep your family safe!

There are 2 ways to construct a Safe Room: built around an internal structure or a Safe Room with no internal structure. Southern Safe Rooms knows that an internal structure is imperative to provide strength and structural integrity. Southern Safe Rooms have been designed and engineered with your safety as job #1. An internal structure Safe Room is protected, not just by the 3/16” steel walls, but the structure which keeps it intact.

1.  Call us a 918-584-3371 to schedule your free estimate and determine your needs for your family.

2. Place your order and a $500 deposit.

3. We'll schedule your install.

4. Have peace of mind knowing your family has safety from the next storm.

See our standard products and implementation requirements for more details.  Delivery and installation of all safe rooms is free of charge within a 50 mile radius of Tulsa. Additional fees may apply if outside of that 50 mile radius.

Financing available through Oklahoma Central Credit Union.  Visa and Mastercard accepted.

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